Reformed & Presbyterian Seminary is a Reformed institution where the whole Scripture is taught through various disciplines through the Reformed Worldview. It is our goal to not only teach, but prepare able ministers and leaders of God’s Kingdom; thus it is a holistic approach towards ministries of the Church. Furthermore, we desire to improve the value of your B.Th. and M.Div. degrees. We all need to work together towards that goal. It is a reminder and an encouragement for us to live and learn together in order to obey Jesus Christ and become mature Christians in our character and attitudes. Studying theology and living with others require more sacrifice from each of us. We have to learn to love and respect our neighbors, while we learn to love God.


“We see NEPALI COMMUNITIES flourishing in the FRUITS OF THE GOSPEL through the labor of DISCIPLES YOKED TO CHRIST.”

Brief History

“In order to develop the RPS ministry, God has encouraged many churches, mission organizations, and individuals to contribute to the financial needs of RPS. Among them, the Korean Church of Chicago (Rev. Chang kwon Suh), has helped continuously and profusely since 2006. GZB in Netherland, Jamshil church in Korea, CRC World Mission, EPCoN, CRCN and NPA are also some of the groups that have aided through prayers and financial helps. The planting of seeds and harvesting of fruits are happening simultaneously in the 21century in this land by God’s people. The Nepali church is growing rapidly. In order to send workers into the field, God continuously blesses and strengthens the ministry of EPTS through mission-minded churches and committed servants. The work will continue ceaselessly until God’s kingdom come and His will be done in this land. I am for one, someone who is very blessed, for I am one of the people God has chosen to work in His Kingdom’s ministry in this blessed land.”

– Rev. Dr. Yakub (Yeonjeong) Kim, Founder & Former Chairman

A Church School

“RPS is a “church school.” As a church-school our purpose and goal are that of the church. The mission of the Church is the mission of Jesus Christ.  The mission of the church, according to Jesus, is to be the people belonging to God: the same vision God the YHWH had for human beings in creation. When God created the world, he invested himself into it, not only in the process of creating everything but more so in making man and woman in his own image.  According to Genesis 1 and 2, bearing God’s image meant three things. First, being in intimate fellowship with the creator, enjoying his fullness. Second, employing authority as stewards to care for creation, like the ambassadors working on behalf of their sovereign superior back in home country. Finally, the creation of people made for Sabbath purposes, to rest and rejoice in God’s provision and promises.”

Rev. Dr. Arbin Pokharel, Former Chairman & Principal

The mission of the Seminary

“The mission of RPS is to provide Christ-centered training to equip godly leaders for Christ’s church among Nepali people, who are authentic in Christian character, competent in theological knowledge, and equipped for ministry. We prepare individuals for true ministry. What does it take to be prepared for true ministry? A level of theological competence—ability to meaningfully interpret God’s revelation. But this theological competence is not measured merely in academic terms. It must be a ‘living’ competence. The theological academy always carries the double burden: nurturing the student’s character as well as their academic performance. By graduating a student, EPTS says to the church community that insofar as its faculty has been able to observe, the student demonstrates a heart and competence for ministry. This competence is recognized by a love for Christ and his body, the church; by an active service to the community and church; and by a teachable spirit. Graduating students can express in words and lifestyle their belief in the gospel as it engages reality, and why they have placed all their hope in Christ alone.”

– Rev. Troy Bierma, Former Academic Dean

Committed to Excellent Theological Education

The Reformed & Presbyterian Seminary, formerly known as the Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary, was founded 23 years ago through a partnership between dedicated Korean missionaries and a coalition of pastors and leaders from Presbyterian and Reformed churches in Nepal. Over time, this collaboration led to the establishment of the Nepal Presbyterian Alliance.

The primary purpose of the seminary is to train pastors and leaders for Christ’s church in Nepal. The institution is committed to developing individuals who embody authentic Christian character, possess a solid theological knowledge base, and are equipped for effective ministry.

As one of the best seminaries in the country, the Reformed & Presbyterian Seminary upholds a strong commitment to excellence in all aspects of its work. The faculty and staff strive to provide high-quality education and training to their students, preparing them for the challenges and responsibilities they will face in pastoral and leadership roles.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, practical ministry experiences, and a supportive learning environment, the seminary aims to produce graduates who are well-prepared and equipped to serve the church and the community. The emphasis on both character formation and theological proficiency ensures that the students not only have a strong foundation in biblical principles but also exhibit Christ-like virtues in their personal and professional lives.

The Reformed & Presbyterian Seminary stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of international missionaries and christian churches in Nepal. It continues to play a significant role in nurturing and empowering individuals who will contribute to the growth and vitality of Christ’s church in Nepal.

– Rev. Amit Karthak, Principal