Our Values

We want to Glorify God through upholding these values:

Reformed World and Life View emphasizes that everything in life and the world belongs to God. We value the need to reclaim all aspects of life under the leadership of Christ. As stewards of God’s creation, we are responsible for caring for and using resources responsibly. Our orientation is towards the values of God’s kingdom, promoting love, justice, mercy, and compassion in all areas of life.

We value theological education par excellence is centered in Christ, his words and thoughts for his church and his kingdom. Christ-Centered Education values theological excellence centered on Jesus Christ, His teachings, and His kingdom. It recognizes the authority of Scripture as the foundation for understanding Christ and aims to explore His life, ministry, and redemptive work. This education goes beyond intellectual understanding, fostering personal spiritual growth, character development, and discipleship. It creates a supportive community that encourages mutual support, accountability, and spiritual formation within the context of theological learning.

We value the missionary nature of God. The incarnation of Christ is to bless us through His Word and Spirit and send us out to bless our neighbors, wherever God places us. Believers recognize that the incarnation of Christ is meant to bring blessings through His Word and Spirit, empowering them to bless their neighbors wherever they are placed. This involves sharing the Gospel, serving others, and viewing all of life as a mission field. Collaboration and partnership with fellow believers are valued in fulfilling God’s mission. Through a missionary spirit and zeal, believers actively engage with others, demonstrate God’s love, and contribute to transformation and reconciliation.

We value the knowledge and spiritual practices that must bring transformation in a person’s life, and causes the effect on the transformation of the whole community borne with gospel fruits. It is the power of the Gospel to bring about personal and community transformation. Through deepening knowledge of the Gospel and engaging in spiritual practices, individuals experience holistic transformation in all areas of life. This transformation overflows into their communities, leading to positive change and the bearing of gospel fruits. By actively engaging with the community and reflecting gospel values, individuals become catalysts for building a more just, loving, and inclusive society.

We value that God made us and loves us in Nepal, appointed us stewards, therefore wants us to be dignified people faithful with the resources entrusted to us – inherited, earned as well as endowed by others. We value our role as stewards of the resources entrusted to us by God. This includes financial, natural, and personal assets. We prioritize responsible resource management, recognizing our inherent dignity and the need to be faithful with what we have. With gratitude and generosity, we aim to make a positive impact and contribute to the well-being of ourselves, others, and our community.

We value our relationships with the churches and pastors who make up our board, teach, mentor students over internships are essential to create future leaders. At RPS, we highly value our relationships with churches, pastors, and board members. They teach, mentor, and guide students during internships and weekend ministry. These individuals are integral to our work, providing support, wisdom, and networking opportunities. Through their involvement, students gain practical experience, spiritual formation, and valuable connections for future ministry. We appreciate their accountability and guidance in preparing students for leadership roles within the Church.

We value spiritual exercise that is formed in personal individual levels and equally in communities, which are called into a covenant relationship with God. Covenant Spirituality values both personal and communal spiritual practices. It recognizes the mutual support and accountability within the covenant community. Believers embrace a shared identity and purpose, living out their faith together. Covenant renewal and celebration are cherished as opportunities to reaffirm the relationship with God and express gratitude.

We value Christ-like shepherding leadership committed to self-denial to see others built up. Holistic Human Development: We value that a person under training for ministry is a complex being, thus in need of love and nurturing in all aspects of their being, physical, spiritual, emotional, etc., thus seek to nurture with all available resources.

We value Christian ministry as a calling and a vocation, a covenant duty entrusted by God through Spiritual gifts.Our training for vocational ministry values the calling, covenant duties, and spiritual gifts entrusted by God. Through theological education, practical skills, discipleship, and mentoring, individuals are equipped to serve effectively and fulfill their calling with integrity. We recognize that ministry development is a lifelong process of learning, growth, and servant leadership.

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