RPS recognizes the Spiritual formation of the student is the highest priority for Christian servants. The seminary is a place for studies. But we also recognize that growing in holiness and becoming more like Christ is more important for a Christian servant than knowledge. Therefore, the means and disciplines required for growth are given priority.  Evaluation of spiritual Growth is will be based on what can be seen- attitudes to worship way of life and on the basis of the student’s spiritual life activities, attendance in class and morning devotions. In fact, a person whose spiritual growth and maturity are below expectations may not e allowed to graduate from the seminary, ever if he or she has completed other requirements.


The Spiritual Life Co-Ordinator with the help of the Student Council is in charge of organizing chapel services. During times of worship we are conscious of the fact that we are sitting in God’s presence. Therefore, it is appropriate that our attitude and posture must be one of reverence. Chapel service begins with a time of singing and praise led often by worship teams. Wednesdays and Fridays are especial days for worship and preaching chapel. On Mondays, students meet with their Advisors and discuss their problems and challenges related to their student life activities. On Wednesdays, the entire chapel is devoted to singing, praise and prayer, and on Fridays; faculty and guest preachers take turns to preach from the Word of God.


Morning Prayer is mandatory for all students except on Saturday and Sunday morning. If you cannot come, you must submit a written application with valid reason for the same. Irregular attendance in morning devotions and other spiritual life activities like Chapels etc. will have consequences.

Chapels and advisory groups are mandatory. If you cannot come, you must tell respective staff with good reason before the chapel begins.

  1. On Wednesday there shall be preaching chapel, students will be asked to lead portion of the chapels.
  2. On Friday there shall be worship in English (sometime in Nepali), students will be asked to participate in leading as well.
  • On Monday’s chapel time advisory groups will meet for prayer and sharing with the respective advisors.
  • On the last Friday of the English month there will be fasting and prayer over lunch hour.
  • Friday Outreach and Saturday church ministry involvement are mandatory for the enhancement of ministry skills:
    1. Students will be assigned to different churches (mainly from NPA) or leaders to go out for outreach on Friday.
    2. They should to submit their reports to the adviser and share and prayer with others.