Field Ministry


RPS is a “Church School.” We encourage students to participate in various local Church activities like evangelism, Sunday school ministry and youth activities. Practical Ministry is an important part of the student’s requirements. Your practical ministry is planned and evaluated by the practical ministry coordinator. Satisfactory performance is required for graduation.

Weekly Ministries

  1. Most weekly ministries are planned for Friday afternoons, which are kept free of classes. But these assignments could fall on any evening or on Saturday or Sundays.
  2. Students who are free on Friday afternoons may attend to their studies or washing clothes or other chores during their free time. However, no games will be allowed before 4 PM.
  3. The weekly assignments are usually of 4-5 hour’s duration including travel and preparation.
  4. Reporting and reflection on field work will be required by the PMC[1]. Students will be expected to integrate academic learning and ministry.
  5. There will be no weekend ministries that involve out-of- valley locations.
  6. Friday Prayer time at 8Pm will be observed to share new experiences and prayer points.

Occasional Ministry Opportunities

  1. In addition to the regularly assigned ministries, students will have occasional ministry opportunities with EPCON, NPA or CRCN churches under the guidance of the PMC. Such involvements may be noted by the PMC in the student’s records. However, these are totally voluntary. Students will not be penalized for not accepting such requests.
  2. All students, specially seniors, may expect certain leadership responsibilities in connection with student council. These are not voluntary.

Summer ministry

  1. A minimum of 6 weeks of full time, supervised internship is required. Please consult your PMC in this regard.
  2. Summer ministry must be planned well in advance in consultation with the PMC.
  3.  Internships
    1. Six months of supervised ministry internship under a Pastor or leader approved by the faculty is required for the graduating students.