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Since 2000 the Reformed & Presbyterian Seminary formerly known as Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary has been training Christian leaders for Christ’s church in Nepal. Everything we do at RPS is in submission to the supreme authority of the scripture. Three to four years of rigorous study and demanding community life activities result in the development of a mature Christian leader.

Every day starts with an early morning prayer and devotions. Tight traditional and contemporary learning sessions are complemented by various recreational activities such as sports, social hours, advisory and mentoring groups.

Students and faculty share Godly covenantal relationships. Students respect the staff and faculty as the leaders appointed by God over them and staff and faculty love students as friends and mentees to be trained in the likeness of Christ.

Join RPS for this beautiful community full of life and vibrancy.

Spiritual Life

Since the goal of RPS is to develop Christian leaders who honor Jesus in all they do, we take spiritual life very seriously and place a strong emphasis on it.


Twice a week the students engage in and lead dynamic worship as we gather together for singing, prayer, and the preaching of the Word of God.

Advisory Group & Mentoring Relationships

Every Monday students meet with their assigned faculty member to share their concerns and receive guidance and pray for each other’s life and ministry. The purpose of these groups is to encourage holistic growth. Students are also assisted by faculty mentors in their spiritual life and ministry matters.

Local Church Relations

Each student is actively involved in a local church, with specific requirement of ministry on Fridays and Saturdays, where they go out to share the gospel and lead fellowships and worship to fulfill in part the requirements for practical education.

Spiritual Life Retreat

Once every semester RPS organizes a spiritual life retreat where 1-3 days are spent nurturing our spiritual health and further discerning God’s call in our lives. This time is designed to take a break from the rigors of study and enjoy God and fellowship. The Spiritual Life Retreat has proven to be the most memorable experience at RSP.

Student Life

RPS is a unique community centered in Christ. Ninety percent of the students live on campus housing, where not only learning is fun, but Christian discipleship and maturity is made practical.

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