Milestones – Ms. Menuka Mishra

Milestones of Reformed & Presbyterian Seminary (RPS)

(Previously known as EPTS)

2000                EPTS started as a Night School

Initial Mission: Initial to training Pastors and Leaders for who wanted to enhance theological knowledge and for those who are already active in their own ministry inside Kathmandu valley

Founder: Rev. Yeonjeong Kim (Chairman) & Rev. Phalgun Sunuwar (Principal)

2002                Mission of Seminary Restated under the Supervision of NPA:

  • Started working with Nepal Presbyterian Alliance (NPA)

pastors and leaders to develop EPTS for purpose of training and producing future evangelists and new church planters for the ministries of NPA

  • All the representatives of NPA churches acted as the board members and the teaching faculty of the Seminary and Rev. Yeonjeong Kim became the founding Chairman of the Seminary
  • Night school turned to Day school and started housing students in the campus

2003                1st Batch Graduated with 11 Students from Night School with B.Th degree

2004                First Biggest Leadership Transition:

  • Phalgun Sunuwar left for further (ThM) studies and he delegated the responsibility to Rev. Arbin Pokharel. He became the 2nd Principal of EPTS.
  • Yeonjeong Kim remain as Chairman of the Board but he also left for his further (ThM) studies at Calvin Seminary. Mr. Benjamin Khadka was working under the supervision of Rev. Yeonjeong Kim in his absence.

Mission of Seminary Revised: Under the leadership of Rev. Arbin Pokharel

(Principal) & Rev.Yeonjeong Kim (Chairman of the Board)

  • Primary to train evangelist and church planters for NPA Churches. However, it was also opened to other denominations.
  • Seminary became the active member of ATEN library
  • Female students also included in the Theological Education under the leadership of Rev. Arbin Pokharel and Mrs. Bimala Pokharel
  • Seminary became fully residential with Semester system of studies

2005                Rev. Yeonjeong Kim returned from his studies and resumed his Chairmanship

2006                2nd Batch Graduated with 13 Students with B. Th degree

  • Seminary location change from Bagdole to Ekentakuna (Main Road)
  • Benjamin Khadka left for further studies and Eld. Suman Rai replaced in his position and also work as a registrar

2007                Seminary became the member of ATA (Asia Theological Association)

2008                3rd Batch Graduated with 12 Students

  • Benjamin Khadka returned back from his studies and he was appointed as a Vice Principal of Administration

2009                4th Batch Graduated with 5 Students

  • Seminary was Accredited with ATA (Asia Theological Seminary)
  • Seminary received 10+ books from TBN, US for our Library development
  • Seminary received Rev. Jeff Fisher as an Academic Dean for six-months

2010                5th Batch Graduated with 8 Students

Vision & Mission: Started to refine the vision and mission of Seminary under the leadership of Rev. Yeonjeong Kim, Rev. Arbin Pokharel, Rev. Troy Bierma and all the faculty

  • Seminary location change from Ekantakuna to Saibu Bhsaipati
  • Seminary appointed Rev. Troy Beirma as an Academic Dean

2011                Study Leave – Rev. Yeonjeong Kim left for Doctoral Studies. However, he remained as a Chairman of the Seminary

2012                6th Batch Graduated with 15 Students with B.Th degree

  • Yeonjeong Kim returned back to Seminary after finishing his doctoral course works and started working on his doctoral dissertation from Seminary (EPTS)
  • Leadership Transition: Rev. Benjamin Khadka resigned from his position and Eld. Amit Karthak was appointed as Vice Principal of Administration

2013                7th Batch Graduated with 11 Students with B.Th degree

  • Seminary got refined and clear Vision and Mission with 10 Values under the leadership of Chairman (Rev. Yeonjeong Kim), Principal (Rev. Arbin Pokharel), Academic Dean (Rev. Troy Beirma) and all the faculties

2014                8th Batch Graduated with 8 Students with B.Th degree

  • Reaccredited the B.Th program with ATA (Asia Theological Association)
  • Started CE (Christian Education) & CM (Church Music) departments under the leadership of Dr. David Kim and Rev. Jun Eo
  • Birendra Shrestha was proposed as a Principal (under studies) and Eld. Amit Karthak worked also as a Principal (in the absence of proposed Principal)

2015                9th Batch Graduated with 8 Students with B.Th degree

  • Seminary faced devastating earthquake and Seminary has to close for three months and seminary chapel hall became the storehouse to supply foods and useful materials for earthquake victims.
  • Seminary became one of the consortium members of NTA/AGSTNP for Master of Divinity program
  • EPTS celebrated the 15th years of God’s Faithfulness
  • Arbin Pokhreal was proposed as a Chairman of Seminary by EPTS board members

2016                10th Batch Graduated with 13 Students with B.Th degree

Second Biggest Leadership Transition:

  • Founding Chairman Rev. Yenjong Kim delegated his leadership to Rev. Arbin Pokharel and he left for his home country to serve as a senior pastor of his home church. Thus, Rev. Arbin Pokhreal became the Chairman of Seminary until present.
  • Amit Karthak (Principal and Vice Principal of Administration) left for his further studies and Rev. Birendra Shrestha resumed as a Principal and serve one year on this position.
  • Menuka Mishra appointed as a Vice Principal of Seminary until present

2017                11th Batch Graduated with 23 Students with B.Th degree (Concentration: 6- CE & 3-CM)

  • Birendra Shrestha left to finished his Doctoral studies and Ms. Menuka Mishra took the responsibilities of both Acting Principal and Vice Principal of RPS
  • Troy Bierma (Academic Dean) left to pursue PhD degree during fall semester and Rev. Mani Koirala replaced his position as an Academic Dean of RPS until present

Seminary Name Change: On the occasion of 500 years of Reformation Day

(October 31, 2017) Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary (EPTS) name changed to Reformed & Presbyterian Seminary (RPS)with the approval of Seminary board.

2018                12th Batch Graduated with 12 Students with B.Th degree

  • Birendra Shrestha returned back from his studies and started serving as a full time Principal of RPS from August 2018
  • New Program started – Master in Divinity (MDiv) program at RPS
  • RPS launched 1st edition of RPS Restorers Magazine on the topic of “New Constitution and Its Implication on Nepali Local Churches.”

2019                13th Batch Graduated with 12 Students (Concentration:5-CE &3-CM)

  • RPS has signed the MoU with ACTS/AUTC, South Korea
  • Amit Karthak (former Principal) has appointed as one of the Board members of RPS with the approval of SEC (Seminary Executive Committee) and the RPS Board Members
  • RPS released 2nd edition (False Teachers and Teachings in Nepal) and 3rd edition (Christian Ethics: Marriage and Family) of RPS Restorers Magazine

2020                2020 Theme: RPS 20th Years of Renewing Minds & Reforming Churches

  • RPS will be celebrating 20 years of completion with series of programs throughout this whole year

Biggest Achievements: In the beginning of the Spring Semester 2020 RPS is

reaccredited with bachelor’s programs (B.Th and B.Th in CE and CM) with ATA and also got new accreditation for our master’s program (MDiv) with ATA (Asia Theological Association)

  • RPS will be releasing 4th and 5th edition of RPS Restorers Magazine

14th batch will be graduating with 18 students with three bachelor’s programs