Financial Aid & Scholarship

Studying theology is not to be considered cheap. We provide scholarship to all deserving students. However we encourage local churc, family members and sponsors to come forward and join your hands with us to meet our daily needs. Your continual prayers and financial supports is the greatest source of our blessings.

Financial Aid

Scholarships & Work Study Program

RPS provides 60% of scholarship to all the Master’s level and 76% to all the Bachelor’s level studies to all selected candidates. It comes around Rs.7500 per month for Master level and Rs.9500 per month for Bachelor level. However, among these 60%(MDiv) and 76% (BTh) scholarship scheme, 20% of scholarship will covers by Work Study Scholarship program. Thus, all the students are required to work 5 hours per week to retain the 20% Work Study Scholarship. However, 40% is full scholarship for Master’s and 56% full scholarship for Bachelor’s level studies.

Master of Divinity

Master level students required to cover only 40% of their monthly payment (Rs.5000) from their local churches or parents; and Bachelor level students needed to cover only 24% of their monthly payment (Rs.3000) per month from their local churches or parents. We have raised our monthly fees for Bachelor level studies up to 4% from August 2018 as per ATA suggestions and recommendations after that we have not able to raise due to COVID 19 pandemic.

RPS Fee Structure

Master’s Level (MA/MDiv.): Rs. 30,000 per Semester

Bachelor’s Level: B.Th./ CE/CM

Bachelor of Theology: Rs. 18000 per Semester

Bachelor of Theology in Christian Education: Rs.18000 per Semester

Bachelor of Theology in Church Music: Rs. 24000 per Semester

Academics & Scholarships

Students are required to maintain the GPA 2.00 out of GPA 4.00 to retain your 60% of your scholarship for Master’s level studies and GPA 1.70 out of GPA 4.00 for Bachelor’s level to retain your 76% (B.Th.) of scholarship from RPS. Those students who are failing to maintain GPA 1.70 needed to pay 56% (Rs.7000) per months instead of Rs.5000 per months for Master level studies; and needed to pay 40% (Rs.5000) per month instead of Rs.3000 per month for Bachelor level studies.

Extended Study Hours

Students those who do not want to do “Work Study Scholarship” program then they can pay 60% (Rs.7500) for Master level studies and 44% (Rs.5500) for Bachelor level studies per month and enjoy your extended study hours. However, we prefer you to involve in “Work Study Scholarship” in-order to remain healthy and sound mind.

Note: For more details on monthly fee and scholarship, please visit or contact us at +977-01-5592987/or email us at